Company History


Service Station
Repaire of tractors, combine harvesters and caterpillar-track vehicles for local agricultural cooperatives.


Agricultural and Engineering Services Company
Manufacture of loaders, milking machines, skips, winch components for agricultural machinery and sprags. Link established with Weimar of East Germany, producing arms and transmissions for self-propelled clamshell bucket loaders produced there. Manufacture for the Hungarian market of welding equipment: arc and spot-welding machines, NKG welders and 50, 100 and 200 kg balances.


Crane production added to company profile. Manufacture of KCR 2000 and KCR 3000 cranes under licence from GRANAB of Sweden.
Plant undertakes sheet metal work for flour cyclone feeder and chaff cyclone feeder.


Agricultural Machinery Company
Merger with Mosonmagyaróvár Mezőgazdasági Gépgyár (Agricultural Machinery Factory), and manufacture of increasers (with sheet bending). Continued production for the GDR company Weimar of transmissions, self-propelled loaders, cranes, fruit sorting lines and various types of soil cultivation and tillage equipment.
KCR cranes added to product line.


Construction of halls B1, B2 and B3, and the canteen. Paint shop extended.


Kaposgép Vállalat No. 1 Plant
The Kaposgép Company has seven plants: Lenti, Letenye, Siófok-Balatonkiliti, Mernye, Bagod, Csesztreg and Tab. Crane production continues, covering all KCR models. Production of self-propelled loaders for Hungarian market: UNIRAK 600.


Link established with Atlas Weyhausen: production of front and rear wheels for AR 71 and AR 45 loaders.
The Company purchases the licence for the AR 61 and commences independent production.
Production of Atlas 8014 cranes for the Atlas Group’s Delmenhorst plant starts. The first challenge is to produce Well-DOX crane legs and towers (from fine-grained Swedish steel) for Delmenhorst, followed by start of manufacture of Atlas 8014 cranes and truck-mounted cranes, fully assembled.
The Kaposvár company specialises in manufacture of loaders. Tractor-mounted KRA trench digger adapter production commences.


Corporate computer centre goes into trial operation.


Kaposgép Company Works Council formed.
First robot made in Kaposgép.


Launch of Lean project.

January 1990

Enterprise converted to limited company form: Rakodógyártó Kft. Profile: manufacture of cranes, components for Atlas self-propelled loaders, Plumet arm and parts for the Linde forklift plant.

Early 1990

As Rakodógépgyártó Kft is wound up, two companies are hived off: Kaposgép Szolgáltató Kft, which carries on crane manufacture, and Kaposgép Generál, which carries on guarantee and servicing repairs.


Kapos Atlas Gépgyár Kft.
Purchased by the present German owner, and takes up manufacture of front and rear chassis, lift arms and subframes.


Several production machines relocated to Kapos Atlas after closure of one of the parent company’s plants in Westerstede. Welding robot is installed at the same time.
BFT 110 horizont brought to Kaposvár.
The NC 600 tonne sheet bending machine brought from Westerstede to Kaposvár.


SAP corporate management system introduced.
CO, FI, MM, SD, PP modules introduced.


Plasma cutting machine and DEFUM machines added to production plant.
Training of operators of new plasma cutting machine starts.
SAP version upgrade.

February 2006

Warehouse extension provides 459 m2 more storage space.


New paint shop built with new painting machinery.
Lean project restarted in company.


Manufacturing facilities extended with Mazak machining centre and CLOOS robot welder.

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