Steel Processing

SM2530 The plant’s infrastructure and production technology is optimised for making parts out of hot-rolled steel (sheet, bar, tubes, etc.) and making these into machine components by welding and machining.

The main production facilities – flame cutting, cutting-out, steel shot blasting, bending, various machining operations, shielded-arc welding and painting – form the basis for a comprehensive range of services. One of the prime strengths of our production facilities is welding, for which we have a team of qualified welders.

 In the second half of 2008, we purchased and commissioned a MAZAK machining centre. In the first phase, this will machine welded front chassis units, expanding the capacity of the machining shop.

Production in the welding shop has been boosted with the acquisition of a two-arm CLOOS welding robot.

The Company does not carry out product design and development activity.


Cutting Out and Flame Cutting Shop:

SM2764The Kapos Atlas Gépgyár Kft. Cutting Out and Flame Cutting Shop processes raw material as it comes in. Its main job is to provide parts of the quantity and quality required by the welding workstations. The production facilities comprise plasma cutting, flame cutting, shot blasting, straightening, bending and cutting out. The plasma machines cut steel sheet of various qualities. Cutting plans are produced to make the most economical use of material, using SAPS proW and Messer-OmniWin software. The flame cutting workshop, with flame- and plasma-cutting machines, works in three shifts and cuts out a monthly average of 500 tonnes of sheet for the products made in the plant.

Flame cutting equipment:

  • Bandsaw
  • Plasma cutter
  • Bending machine
  • Large circular saw
  • Straightening rolls
  • Milling machine
  • Sheet shears
  • Shot blaster
  • Pipe milling machine
  • Flame cutter
  • Straightening press

Steel Manufacturing


SM3064The core activity of the welding shop is production of welded parts for end-users. Welding modes: Normal mode MIG, impulse mode MIG The welding facilities embrace a broad range of structural steels, and can handle fine-grained steels of yield point up to 960 MPa. Manual welding equipment has inverter and impulse technology. Duty cycle: 100 % at 400 A, with synergic control.

We also have the capability to work with the AWI welding procedure for such materials as aluminium and austenite. We have a Large Welding Capability Certificate awarded by EN 18800 SLV Duisburg. 90% of our welders hold certificates.

SM3052Welding jobs may be positioned to the workpieces with rotation equipment made in-house. For some special workpieces, we use welding templates made in-house to meet special requirements. We also use in-house produced assembly equipment for assembling parts.

Welding shop equipment:

  • Consumable electrode shielded-arc welder
  • CLOOS long-seam impulse welder
  • CLOOS Romat impulse welder
  • Circular seam welder
  • Precision circular seam welder
  • Welding manipulator

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