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Company Profile

The Company’s core activity is production of welded steel components for agricultural and construction machinery, hydraulic assembly of these components and fabrication of associated jigs and fittings.
We have facilities for other cutting (shears, plasma and flame cutters), welding (Cloos welding robot and qualified welders) and machining (NC, CNC machining centre) jobs, and in the recently-installed paint shop produces finishes to meet any customer’s demands. We undertake large and small production runs, and one-off orders.


We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs to the maximum by making steel products of reliable quality, and to serve them at a high standard. Through constant development and improvement, we attempt to meet the challenges of steel fabrication and engineering production, and we continue to be at our customers’ disposal with precise and accurate work.

Quality politics

A Kapos Atlas Gépgyár Kft. offers quality products with quality service:

  • We make products to suit customer requirements in every respect,
  • We assure consistent quality in our products, and improve their quality through constant development,
  • We meet delivery dates,
  • We work systematically to prevent faults,
  • With a view to even greater customer satisfaction, we put ongoing effort into raising the level of technical culture among our workers and the intellectual and technical resources of the Company,
  • We take care to establish mutually advantageous relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors,
  • Through regular training of our staff, we ensure the highest professional standards in the Company.

To implement the quality policy,

  • We provide the human and material resources for the launch, operation and certification of a quality management system,
  • The Company management continuously monitors the system’s operation, and sets specific, measurable objectives for its appraisal,
  • The Company management has taken an exemplary, proactive role in operating the quality management system, and ensures that everybody in the Company is aware of the quality policy objectives and observes the obligations of his or her job in operating the quality management system.

We carry out our work with due heed to the specific features of the Company’s operation and to the requirements of standard MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2001, in accordance with our responsibilities and powers within the organisation.

  • Welding Certificate
  • ISO 9001 certificate
  • Railway welding

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